All of my tasty bakes will be carefully packaged and sent via First class post.
To take advantage of the 'Buy 5, get 1 free' offer, please only pay for 5 goods at the checkout.  Any orders for 5 of the same product will receive an extra product automatically.
Love lemon flavours - try this zesty lemon cookie.
Ingredients - butter, wheat flour, sugar, lemon zest, lemon extract.
Delicious gingerbread, made the old fashioned way with large chunks of crystallised ginger.
Ingredients - ground ginger, crystallised ginger, demerara sugar, milk, unsalted butter, golden syrup, black treacle, plain wheat flour, baking powder, 'Paterson's ' short bread.  
Always a big hit.  Made lots of these for my children growing up and for school fetes.  
Ingredients - butter, Wheat flour, sugar, soya, milk chocolate chips 
Tasty rock buns, made from an old family recipe.
Ingredients - Wheat flour, eggs, milk, sugar, sultanas, candied peel, ground mixed spice.
These cookies are made from oat, cinnamon and sultanas and would make an ideal quick breakfast 'on the go'.
Ingredients - cinnamon, wheat flour, salt, eggs, brown sugar, sugar, butter, baking powder, golden syrup, oats, sultanas.
A trip back down memory lane.  My Granma used to make these. These tasty treats are perfect for dunking in your tea.
Ingredients - Desiccated coconut, Wheat flour, butter, sugar, glace cherries, vanilla extract
A mild ginger biscuit taken from an old recipe - perfect for children who don't like a strong ginger taste.
Ingredients - Wheat flour, butter, ginger, golden syrup, sugar.
Delicious Smartie cookies for all ages. Perfect treat for a weekend.
Ingredients - Wheat flour, butter and sugar, milk, Barley malt extract, 'Smarties' buttons.
For those white chocolate lovers ...
Ingredients - Wheat flour, butter and sugar, milk'Cadbury's' white chocolate buttons.
Tasty, moreish Rolo cookies. 
Ingredients - Wheat flour, butter, sugar, milk, Rowntrees Rolos.
May contain gluten.
Yummy 'Terry's chocolate orange cookies
Ingredients - Wheat flour, soya, milk, butter, sugar, cocoa powder, Terry's' Chocolate orange.
May contain nuts, wheat.

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