Birthday Cake Toppers
Affordable cake toppers for all ages.
Cake toppers for special occasions
This is a collection I have put together for Christenings and special events in your life.
iced cake.png
Delicious home-made cake
Create your own customised cake for that special person in your life.
All cakes have a special surprise.  They are chequered inside.  
Choose between:-
Chocolate and vanilla
Lemon and vanilla
Strawberry and vanilla
Salted caramel and vanilla
Bubblegum and vanilla
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Cake toppers for cup cakes
I am able to supply cake toppers for cup cakes for any special occasion.  Please contact me with bespoke orders.
Christmas Cake Toppers
Check out my latest designs for Christmas.
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Christmas Cake

An iced fruit cake with a Christmas themed cake topper, at an affordable price.